Healing & Recovery

Helping with the Recovery Process


Transition Home in Martin County


After extensive research with local organizations, leaders that serve children and trafficking victims, Catch the Wave of Hope identified a huge void in services in Florida offered to victims of human trafficking.  Catch the Wave of Hope decided to fill that void by building a transition home for trafficked children.

The Transition Home is for survivors of sex trafficking who likely have been sexually enslaved since they were children.  The home will be located in an anonymous location to protect the survivors from the dangers of being found by their pimps, gangs or families.  

The children in the transition home with receive education, leadership, life skills, The Power of Art Inner Healing courses, medical treatment, therapy and mentoring.

They will learn to move back into life with healing that is so necessary for restoration. Catch the Wave of Hope has plans to help the victims secure internships with local businesses that may turn into careers or be a stepping stone toward building a successful future.


Residents will receive therapy and counseling to help them cope and overcome post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, trauma bonding, multiple personalities and other common mental illnesses often experienced by the trauma of being sex trafficked.


Power of Art


Transition Home residents will have access to The Power of Art III program - a nine-week course designed for youth or adults who have experienced traumatizing abuse and trafficking.

Read more about this program and purchase your own copy of the curriculum at the link below.