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Our founder, Lynne Barletta, spreading awareness.

Our founder, Lynne Barletta, spreading awareness.

Education and awareness in our communities is the key to shutting down sex trafficking operations, stopping the demand and abolishing sex trafficking.

We offer specialized sex-trafficking awareness programs that can be done for a school, organization or place of business.

Several of CWH's board members are ambassadors of Shared hope International. We use Shared Hope International’s Chosen training to help students in middle school through high school understand the reality of sex trafficking -  including what it looks like, how to identify when it is happening and expose the methods of predators on social media and more for awareness and protection. Please contact us for an ambassador to speak to middle school or high school children in youth groups or schools with appropriate materials approved by many Florida public schools. 

Catch the Wave of Hope has a group awareness program that can be given to your organization, church, business or group that will identify what is happening locally with signs of human trafficking activity, what to look for, statistics, how to identify when a child is being groomed, how to report it and how to stop it. These trainings have proven extremely effective and have led to the breaking up of homes and rings of trafficked victims locally. Please contact us below to book a trained representative from Catch the Wave of Hope for your organization. 

After a community awareness event, one board member received a tip from someone who had attended the event reporting what was previously believed to be suspicious behavior. But after the awareness event, it now was recognized as sex-trafficking. This tip was turned into law enforcement and resulted in a trafficking home being busted by local law enforcement. That home was tied to a larger home that was then closed down in Riviera Beach.

The awareness and education has also resulted in students self-identifying as victims of sex trafficking and receiving resources to report it and get help. Catch the Wave of Hope education and awareness events in schools and for at risk youth have also resulted in students reporting cases of friends or family members being trafficked.

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