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The Power of Art ©


A new empowering life changing curriculum written by author Lynne Barletta, Founder and Executive Director of Visionary School of Arts in Stuart, Florida. Lynne is also founder of Catch the Wave of Hope to Abolish Human Trafficking.

The Power of Art III © nine-week course can be taught by a lay person, case worker or therapist. Teachers do not have to be artists. Step by step easily learned demonstrations on videos are included. The course is designed for youth or adults who have experienced traumatizing abuse and trafficking.

The Power of Art III © is a pioneering curriculum that utilizes the right side of the brain with positive image replacement for youth and adults through simple drawing and focused attention. The Power of Art III is not art therapy, but participants have experienced improvement in PTSD with behavioral improvements. This program has been successfully piloted at Martin Girls Academy for a period of one year under the supervision of the MGA therapist team with Director of Clinical services Brian Berger, LMHC. Specific objectives and outcomes are provided in measured data by the MGA therapist team.

Healing, transforming and empowering, each 1.5 hour class over nine weeks helps to develop identity and self-esteem. The breaking of trauma bonding and cycles of abuse are addressed with intentional training for future vision that includes pursuing higher education.

How does the program help? Hear what a 16-year old girl from Martin Academy had to say about the experience after completing the course....

It most definitely changed my life for the better and someday I want to be able to do the same thing for others.

 “The inner healing began slowly at first. Every picture we drew had a meaning. I went through 9 weeks of the program learning on every picture. On the eighth week, the connection solidified. I was breaking free from the bonds of unhealthy relationships. We drew a merry go round, there was a horse attached to a pole which symbols being stuck in the pattern of an abusive relationship and then we drew a horse running free which symbolizes freedom.That specific week I will remember for the rest of my life because I can relate to it so much. It taught me to break free from these kinds of people in my life and I am so thankful I got a chance to learn how to take flight, break free, and be happy."

Power of Art ©
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I cannot express enough how powerful drawing on the right side of the brain and using art to teach leadership and identity have been for these young ladies. I have seen significant improvement in the young ladies participating in this program.
— Anne Posey, MGA Facility Administrator LMHC, NCC
The Power of Art III, a nine-week course that in addition to improving artistic abilities, simultaneously focuses on important issues of self-judgment, dealing with stress, practicing forgiveness, building self-esteem and value, learning what healthy love looks like, and healing trauma.  I have witnessed the benefits of this program, as all the girls that have worked with Ms. Barletta rave about their experience and have been able to relate topics reviewed in her module to issues they are addressing in their group and individual therapy.
— Brian Berger, Director of Clinical Services Martin Girls Academy.