Not On Our Watch!


Human Trafficking is right here in our own back yard.

This is the horrific realization that compelled a group of community leaders from Martin and Palm Beach counties to create Catch the Wave of Hope to abolish human trafficking. In 2016, leaders began to meet and strategize while connecting with other like-minded organizations.

A movement has begun that is growing quickly and becoming a powerful union with a heart to end the horror of modern day slavery of children and adults.

Join the movement… Let’s do this!

About Us

We lead the way to bring awareness, healing and action to abolish human trafficking.


Abolish Human Trafficking in communities locally, nationally and globally.

Collaborative Team:

We are local leaders taking action to shut down human trafficking operations in our communities. 

Taking action: 

We work with local law enforcement, civic groups, churches, synagogues and businesses to help people rise up and protect their communities.  We support legislation to end human trafficking. We educate through awareness presentations to mobilize communities. We offer healing programs for victims.