CWH Updates


We will be starting the largest mural ever done in downtown Stuart December 6th!  

The mural will be on the East facing wall on the AT&T building downtown on 301 SE 3rd St.  The lead artist is Lynne Barletta with her team of teachers and aware winning student of Visionary School of Arts! Each fish in the river themed mural will be sponsored and the funds will help our awareness programs and go to build a home for trafficked girls. Women Supporting the Arts and man more organizations are helping to fund this community project!

Catch the Wave of Hope Charitable Organization was formed by local community leaders to abolish human trafficking.

We have a number of spokes to our wheel to help accomplish this. We helped to shut down a home in Stuart that was used to traffic women and children, that was networked with other homes in Indiantown and Lake worth, through our Awareness and Education to help warn our residents and our local youth. We also have restorative programs and we plan to build a home for trafficked girls here in our community. 

President Janice Norman and Founder Lynne Barletta are speakers and presenters as well as a whole team of presenters for Catch the Wave of Hope! We would be happy to give a presentation to your organization on human trafficking in our area that will open eyes and hearts to the terrific need. A number of organizations are tackling this issue as the number one problem in our nation right now, and there has never been a better time for us all to rise and say “Not on my watch!”

We are beginning to meet with Principles in our area to bring an approved program into our schools to educate and warn our children! 

We have just begin a new program called the LIFEGUARDS! These are men rising up protecting our children and saying NOT ON MY WATCH! Peter Sicoli of the Brightway Insurance Company, The Barletta Agency is the Chair of this wonderful men’s group who will join together to bring awareness, social media campaigns and plan a yearly men’s event. Please request contact from Peter Sicoli on our website if you are interested in knowing more! 

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